Batman # 52 Is Really Awesome

Written by James Tynion IV. Pencils and Inks by Riley Rossmo. Additional Inks by Brian Level. Colors by Ivan Plascencia & Jordan Boyd. Letters by Steve Wands. Cover by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki & Fco Plascencia. New 52 variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Associate editor: Rebecca Taylor. Editor: Mark Doyle.

 I just finished reading it. It starts with Batman’s past. Two weeks after the murder of Thomas & Martha Wayne the Wayne manor is surrounded by reporters. Alfred and Doctor Thompkins are discussing the boy Bruce. They are very concerned with his grief. They want to help him move on.
Bruce has created a notebook list entitled How to Move on. Alfred has added something to the list that Bruce is furious about. He argues with Alfred and tears it out. Alfred doesn’t want Bruce to go down the path of self loathing. He wants Bruce to move on and get past his grief.

Years later he disappears for a decade and trains very hard in various locations. He trains in martial arts in The Hida Mountains in Japan. He trains himself in the freezing waters of Alberta, Canada. He also trains himself in Yugoslavia by jumping from a plane seven hundred feet above the allowed limit without a parachute and only a glider.

He becomes Batman and starts fighting crime in Gotham city. Meanwhile The People’s Bank is being robbed by a villain called Crypsis. He tells the bank manager that he has already stolen $ 500,000, but he is after the safe deposit box number 1047. He frightens the manager and makes him give up its key.
Whack! Batman shows up and does what he does best. He tries to stop the villain. Crypsis is known to have technology that allows him to walk through walls. That’s exactly what does right now. He disappears with the safe deposit box.
Alfred suspects something that Batman isn’t telling him. Batman goes after Crypsis. He jumps on top of his bat mobile and chases the villain to a roof top. He stops him. Crypsis’s suit is damaged so he can’t disappear. The villain tells batman that he has got the billionaire Bruce Wayne’s secret in the stolen box. He asks batman to join him in blackmailing Bruce for millions of dollars.
Crypsis opens the box and what do you know; it contains Bruce’s notebook How to Move on! Batman hits him real hard and takes the book back. Crypsis is taken into custody by the police. Batman comes home and shows Alfred the notebook. Alfred can’t believe his eyes at seeing the notebook because Bruce had taped the part that, he had torn out years earlier, back in the book. It was the entry number 52. It had been written by Alfred so as to help Bruce move on.
The entry was “# 52 Remember Bruce your parents will always be proud of you”. Bruce tells Alfred that he has helped him move on and strive for something really hard.

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