Futurama: The Cure For The Common Cold (Comics)

Fry is making out with the ‘Don’s Moll’ on a Gangsters Movie planet. Leela and Bender barge in and try to get him out before the gangsters arrive and kill him. Oops! The gangsters just showed up with. Fry starts crying. They don’t shoot them, they just hit them in their faces with cream pies. As it turns out it is a gangsters movie parody planet inspired by a Mad Humor Magazine issue!

On their way back Fry gets sick and starts sneezing all over the ship’s controls. Leela looks up the symptoms in a book and finds that Fry has got the common cold. It is very contagious. When they get back Fry infects Leela and Amy. He is quarantined by the professor in a bubble because the common cold and its cure are thought to be extinct.

Leela becomes primal and climbs a tree. Amy goes missing. They go in search for her and take Fry (still in the bubble) with him. They find Amy in a library trying to solve really nerdy equations. On his way out Dr. Zoidberg knocks off Fry accidentally. He falls in to the city’s water supply and his bubble breaks. Boom! The whole city is infected!

Leela, Fry and Amy are back to normal but the rest of the city becomes primal. Everybody starts sneezing and coughing out mucous blobs. All the blobs from everyone come together and turns in to a very big germ blob, except for Leela’s. She ties it to a leash as a pet and it actually scares the big blob away.

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