Futurama Conquers The Universe (The Big Sweep)

This is a collection of Futurama comics. I recently got a copy of it. I am reading it. I have started with the first few pages. They start off really nice. The first one being ‘The Big Sweep’. It starts with a meteor shower and Fry being scared to death of it. All his friends start laughing at him. Then they all go out to play on the ash like its snow.

The List:

Script: Eric Rogers

Pencils: John Delaney

Inks: Phyllis Novin

Colors: Joey Mason

Letters: Karen Bates

Editor: Bill Morrison

Ash Commissioner: Matt Groening

Scruffy starts collecting rocks for swurling matches. Fry is annoyed by the ash and the meteor rocks. Bender builds an igloo and rents it out to Dr. Zoidberg. A Mr. Lebrewski shows up and Scruffy points him out to Fry as the greatest swurling coach ever.

The Coach asks Fry to play the game. Fry hits the balls and get them into the circle. The coach believes that he is the best player ever. He asks him and his friends to play for him. They all go back in and try to convince the Professor to allow them to play. He allows them because they would be wearing The Planet Express outfits for publicity.

They show up on time. When the referees arrive they inform them that all the other teams have forfeited so they are the winners and they will represent earth. The coach makes them sign a contract without reading. Leela finds the whole deal fishy. She investigates a little at the library and finds out that the coach is controversial and some of his former teams have gone missing. She argues with her friends because she doesn’t want to go but does anyway.

When they arrive at the stadium they meet the competing team. Leela tries to wish them good luck. They tell her that the this game is very dangerous, they might get eaten or killed. The coach reminds them that they have signed a contract so they have to play & if they win the coach will sell them as slaves, if they lose they die.

As soon as they start playing, monsters are let loose on them. Then they find out that the rocks that Scruffy has collected are eggs not rocks. They had been dropped accidentally from a spaceship during the meteor shower by a chicken lawyer’s sister. The referees disqualify them immediately and order their execution.

When they are about to be eaten, they talk the lawyer in to suing the Olympics. As soon as they drop the lawsuit they are set free!

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