Armageddon is a movie about a space asteroid that is headed for the earth. It will destroy earth if it isn’t stopped. NASA tries to save the earth by landing a manned mission on the asteroid so as to try to make it change course by splitting it into two.

 NASA discovers that a killer asteroid is headed for earth. It is similar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. It needs to be stopped before it causes massive destruction.

NASA assembles a team of oil rig workers and gives them a crash course in space flight. They are sent to the asteroid. They manage to land on it but things start going wrong from the start. The land on the wrong side where drilling is very hard. They manage to start drilling but they keep failing.

Eventually they do get deeper but it gets very dangerous, the need to evacuate and take off. They start evacuating but at the end Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) closes the door and decides to stay behind and continue on with the drilling. He finishes the drilling and places the nuclear bomb in the hole and detonates it. He makes the mission a success and saves earth. But he dies in the explosion!

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