The ‘Predator’ franchise

The Predator movie has turned in to successful science fiction franchise. It also has a successful comic book series, published by Dark Horse Comics.

 It is about an extraterrestrial that can camouflage itself according to its surroundings. The first movie is based in a jungle where soldiers keep getting killed by the predator. They send in a special unit including Arnold Schwarzenegger. He manages to kill the predator using guerrilla tactics.

The followup movies have also been successful. They have varied plots. One movie has an urban setting. Another movie shows humans trying to survive in a game reserve on some other planet. In this movie the humans are the game and the predators the hunters.

Another good movie is the one in which predators fight the aliens. This is also a good movie because it has had sequels as well. In this movie the humans are caught between the aliens and the predators.

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