Independence Day

The science fiction movie Independence Day is one of my all time favorites. It is about a parasitic alien race threatening earth. Ugly looking aliens, which are thought to be friendlies by humans, attack earth and destroy all major cities. One of the movie’s most well-known scenes include the destruction of The White House. The alien spaceships use their ‘primary weapon’ to do this.

Everybody seems happy when alien spaceships show up in the sky from nowhere. David Levinson is convinced otherwise. He tries to get his message to The White House but fails. He doesn’t give up. He does finally convince others when the spaceships start destroying major cities.
The President is evacuated just before The White House is destroyed. Captain Hiller of the Air Force manages to bring down one of the smaller alien ships. He captures the alien and takes it to Area 51. Over there it is analysed by Dr. Okun. The President is also there. He gets a message from the alien as it kills Dr. Okun. It tells The President about their plans for invading earth and consuming every natural resource and then moving on to the next planet.
The president orders the use of nuclear weapons against the aliens. The spaceships withstand nuclear bombs. David Levinson and Captain Hiller plan on uploading a virus into the aliens’ main spaceship. They get there by flying the earlier downed smaller spaceship.
The fly that ship and manage to enter the main ship and dock. They manage to upload the virus. This brings down the defenses of all the alien spaceships. Then the human squadrons bomb the alien ships and destroy them.
Captain Hiller and David escape and come back to earth and land in the desert. They are met by cheers!

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