Comic Book Publishers

The comic books industry has a number of well known publishers. The most well known being Marvel and DC. Marvel is known for Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America, X-Men among many others. They also publish Star Wars Comics in the science fiction category.

 DC on the other hand is equally well known for its set of characters. Its characters include Superman, Batman, Catwoman, The Flash among others. It is Marvel’s main rival. It also has a huge market share, just like Marvel.
Other well known publishers include IDW. They publish Star Trek, Back to the Future and G.I Joe comics. They also have a wide variety of comic book superheroes and villains.
Besides these publishers, Dark Horse is also very famous. They have some super hit characters like Hellboy, Buffy and Conan.
Another notable comics book publisher is Image Comics. It is probably bigger than IDW and Dark Horse comics. It is a little different from the other publishers. Image Comics is a publishing company where the copyrights stay with the creator. The Saga series is one of their most famous.

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