The Matrix

The Matrix is one of my favorite science fiction movies. It can be called a cyberpunk movie. It is about a world where the machines have taken over the world and human beings have been enslaved without them knowing it.

Neo is computer programmer who is always having weird dreams, he seems to be searching for some thing or someone. He is helped by Morpheus in finding the answers. What he discovers is like a very bad dream.
He finds the truth. He finds out that artificially intelligent machines have taken over the world. He finds out that humans are grown for the purpose of fulfilling the machine’s energy needs. The human mind is enslaved by a computer simulation known as ‘The Matrix’. Morpheus has freed Neo from ‘The Matrix’.
Their purpose is to free all of humanity from this slavery. Morpheus is aided by others as well. Trinity is one of them. Morpheus gets captures by ‘The Agents’ of the machines. Neo and his friends try to rescue him. They hack into the Matrix for this purpose. The finally free him and bring him back home.
Along the way Neo discovers that he has special powers. He uses these powers to destroy Agent Smith and aids his friends in escaping the clutches of the agents.

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