Lucasfilm and Disney

Since Disney has taken over Lucasfilm, George Lucas is not involved in any star wars related decision making. May be that is a good thing. I believe that you have to let your creation live on. Just like Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. They died years ago but Batman lives on.

DC carries the name of Batman. DC comics is owned by Warner Brothers. Both are big names in the entertainment industry. My point being that when two big names like Star Wars and Disney come together, that should create synergy. This synergy is something that the fans like myself should be happy about, instead of worrying about it.

Star Wars has been given to Disney by George Lucas so that they can carry on the star wars name. Disney itself was founded by Walt Disney who died like decades ago, but the Disney name lives on. I believe that George Lucas is a genius not only because he created star wars but because he thinks long term for his fans. He is seventy two years old (at the time of writing of this article), he wants to retire after a long and successful career. He want his creation to be handed over to somebody who can carry on with his life’s work. That is exactly what he has done successfully.

Disney has not only delighted fans by releasing the super duper hit movie The Force Awakens, but has also created a huge community of new fans. They have also created star wars themed rides and stuff at Disneyland as well. This did not exist before, meaning to say that fans can now enjoy star wars rides as well.

In conclusion I would say that the Disney and Lucasfilm deal is a success not only for now but for decades to come.

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