Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War has a lot of good stuff in it. It is about the deeper relationship between the superheroes that the bad guy Zemo exploits. When they go to war with each other, the real damage is done to the avengers family. The Marvel superheroes are made to choose sides. The Black Widow is reluctant, she tries to avoid conflict. Hawkeye, Spiderman and Antman also show up in this science fiction movie.

 The Black Panther’s dad is killed in an explosion. He believes that it was Bucky who caused the explosion. My favorite scene in the movie is the Audi car chase with The Black Panther. He tries to kill Bucky but Captain America stops him.
The Black Panther’s role goes a lot deeper than the others’. He is the one who captures Zemo. He is the only one who figures out who the real bad guy is. He knows that vengeance is causing the others to fight among themselves. He doesn’t let himself go down the same path. That is what makes him prevail in the end.
The move has a lot of good fight scenes. The one at the airport is very good. Almost all the superheroes in the movie are part of it. From Iron man to Hawkeye. All in all the movie is highly recommended to all, especially Marvel fans.

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