Batman & Robin

The Batman & Robin movie came out in 1997. I saw it again a few weeks ago. I would like to see it again & again! I am sure you would too. I believe it to be a very authentic Batman movie. Batman is played by George Clooney and Mr. Freeze is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This movie includes Batman, Robin and Batgirl as the good guys. The bad guys include Mr. Freeze, Mr. Bane and Poison Ivy. This diabolical trio tries to wreak havoc in Gotham City. Batman thinks that he is all alone but Robin & Batgirl come to his aid.
Robin almost falls for Poison Ivy’s tricks, he is talked out of it by Bruce Wayne (a.k.a Batman). They combine forces and take on the diabolical villains. This movie is most remembered for Mr. Freeze’s defining role because at the end of the science fiction movie he actually helps Batman save his Butler Alfred’s life.
This movie is a must watch for Batman fans.

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