X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse is a great science fiction movie based on Marvel comics. Marvel has created some of the best known characters ever. This movie is about a mutant who was pharaoh once. When he is about to die his cronies try to give him eternal life. The process is disrupted by some of his own subjects who believe that he is trying to become a false god.

He goes into a deep sleep for many centuries. He wakes up in modern times. He starts recruiting mutants as followers. Magneto is one of those recruits. Apocalypse tries to take over the world. He destroys all the nuclear weapons so that humans can’t retaliate.

Charles Xavier’s school is also destroyed. Colonel Stryker shows up at the destroyed school and takes some of the mutants hostage. Some of their friends stow away in the Colonel’s chopper. They end up freeing the hostages and Wolverine.

Apocalypse tries to take over The Professor’s telepathic powers. He does not succeed. Mystique manages to convince Magneto to join The Professor and destroy Apocalypse. She is successful. After a very fierce battle the forces of good prevail.

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