If you are a geek you have got to love Futurama. Is is one of the best futuristic science fiction TV series ever. It also has a comic book series which is as good as the TV show. Futurama’s characters are really funny. It is set a thousand years in the future. The people of the future call our times the stupid ages!

A guy named Fry is transported to the future. Over there he makes friends while working for ‘The Planet Express’. His best friend is Bender, who is a funny robot. Bender doesn’t care for anything or anyone except for himself. He likes to drink and smoke cigars.

Leela, Amy Wong, Doctor Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth and Hermes are important characters in the series. Amy Wong is a rich kid who draws from a billion dollar trust fund. Leela’s parents had abandoned her at an orphanage, so that she cold have a normal life because they live in the sewers.

The Plant Express delivers all kind of crazy stuff all over the universe. Every time they go on a delivery, they have lots of fun. If you haven’t seen Futurama, you should definitely see it.

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