Sci Fi Cinema

Science fiction movies are great entertainment. Movies like Aliens, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Inception, The Martian etc., bring out the best of Sci-Fi. They have redefined the term Sci-Fi. These movies make the Sci Fi world look so real. I saw the matrix like fifteen times and I still want to see it again.

Seeing science fiction movies in 3D makes the experience even better. When I saw The Martian in 3D, it was awesome. I mean I had read the book, them I saw the movie. I loved it! These are great times for cinema goers. Some great movies are coming up this year.
Star Wars Rogue One, Star Trek Beyond, Doctor Strange, The Suicide Squad, Independence Day: Resurgence are all coming out this year. So if you are a sci-fi and comics movie fan this is going to be a great year. If you are into gaming, movies like Assassins Creed might interest you. Not to mention the action figure max steel movie coming out this year as well.
3D cinema used to be to dominated by documentaries and movies that were not main stream. Now this has changed. A lot of movies mentioned in this post are 3D. That is one more reason to go to the cinema this year.

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