Evolution of Science Fiction

Science Fiction has evolved over the past fifty years. New sub genres have entered this realm. These are exciting times for sci-fi fans and publishers like myself. Some hot new books have come along as well. Self published authors like that of ‘The Atlantis Gene’ have given the big publishing houses a hard time. The growth of digital and e books has helped accelerate this growth and ushered in a new era. From Jules Verne to Isaac Asimov, the sci-fi genre has evolved into multiple ‘sub-species’, if you will. These sub-species, as I lovingly like to call the sub genres, have evolved further. Some of these include steam punk, diesel punk and cyberpunk. These are awesome sub genres for sci-fi lovers to explore.

Movies like ‘Wild Wild West’ have created a new generation of sci-fi fans. The release of ‘The Force Awakens’ has also given the star wars saga a new boost. millennial like myself want to have more of this exciting stuff. It seems as though the development of new technologies for delivering high quality content is a contributing factor. The increase in the usage of services like Netflix in emerging markets has opened up a whole new world of sci-fi for fans in these countries.

Even the traditional paper based comics industry is getting a makeover. Reading comics digitally is becoming more and more popular. Yes both the big boys of the comics industry, i.e DC & Marvel, are now selling digitally as well.

Evolution of sci-fi is linked to the evolution of technology. Some of the sci-fi stuff that Arthur C. Clarke envisioned half a century ago has become science fact. We are still waiting for the ‘beam me up Scotty’ thing to materialize! Who knows, may be in a few years that might also become reality.

The best thing about science fiction is that it is only limited by one’s imagination. Maybe that is why I have been in love with this genre since I was a boy. Some amazing things have happened to Mr. Spock as well; he smiles sometimes!!!

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